.Graduate program in Quantum Information at Waterloo U

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.Graduate program in Quantum Information at Waterloo U

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The University of Waterloo, in collaboration with the Institute for
Quantum Computing, offers graduate students exceptional opportunities
to learn about and engage in frontier research in quantum information
through its graduate program in Quantum Information (QI).

The graduate program spans a wide range of research projects and advanced
courses on the foundations, applications and implementations of quantum
information processing and leads to Master's and PhD degrees. Specifically,
the program leads to MMath, MSc, MASc, and PhD degrees in Applied
Mathematics, Chemistry, Combinatorics & Optimization, Computer Science,
Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Physics & Astronomy. Students
complete the requirements of both their home program and the specific
requirements of the QI program to achieve the special QI designation
(e.g., MMath in Computer Science (Quantum Information), PhD in Chemistry
(Quantum Information), MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
(Quantum Information)).

MMath, MSc, and MASc students receive a strong and broad foundation in
quantum information science, coupled with knowledge and expertise from
their home program. This prepares them for technically oriented
careers or further graduate study and research leading to a PhD.

PhD students are trained for careers as scholars and researchers, with
advanced expertise in quantum information science, along with the focus
of their home program. The program is designed to provide knowledge of
quantum information, including theory and implementations, their home
program discipline, and also to develop expertise in their particular
research area within quantum information.

IQC has a critical mass of expertise in several major research areas
within quantum information, spanning quantum computation, communication
and sensing. These area include:

* Quantum Information Theory

* Quantum Algorithms

* Quantum Complexity

* Quantum Error Correction & Fault Tolerance

* Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing

* Nanoelectronics-Based Quantum Information Processing

* Optical Quantum Information Processing

* Quantum Cryptography

New State-of-the-Art Building

The Institute for Quantum Computing has recently expanded to the new,
state-of-the-art Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre (QNC)
<http://uwaterloo.ca/qnc>. The building contains a new fabrication and
metrology facility, and a suite of laboratories for research in areas
including quantum optics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron
spin resonance (ESR), quantum dots, superconducting qubits, coherent
spintronics and quantum cryptography. The building hosts IQC researchers
from all three faculties (Engineering, Mathematics and Science), and has
formal and informal meeting space s designed to facilitate interaction
and interdisciplinary research.


Students in all three faculties take two core quantum information
courses (and also meet the course requirements of their home program).
These interdisciplinary courses provide a strong foundation in quantum
information science.

The two required core quantum information courses are:

QIC 710: Quantum Information Processing
QIC 750: Implementation of Quantum Information Processing

PhD students take two additional courses in quantum information, and
fulfill a research seminar requirement, a comprehensive exam and
a thesis in quantum information.

In addition to the two core courses, students may take a wide
range of advanced courses within quantum information
(http://iqc.uwaterloo.ca/welcome/graduate/courses ),
offered by leading researchers in the field.

Eligible supervisors include the core IQC faculty, and a number of
Research Professors, Associate Faculty, and Affiliate Members of IQC:

All accepted students are guaranteed funding.

Contact Information:

Inquiries can be directed to Ashwin Nayak, Program Director, at <grad@iqc.ca>.
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