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quantum information‏ seminar - center for

הודעהעל ידי physics » 09:50 12/01/2017

A seminar which might be of interest to the center for quantum information‏

Dear Prof. Folman,

My name is Or Sattath and I'm a post-doc studying quantum computing at the Hebrew University & MIT.

I'm giving a job talk at the CS colloquium in 2 weeks. Please consider advertising the talk to whoever you see fit. I would also be happy to meet members of the center for quantum information, perhaps after the day of the talk.

Title: Quantum computing

Speaker: Or Sattath (The Hebrew University & MIT)

Time: Jan. 24, 12:00

Location: CS colloquium at Room 202 in building 37


Quantum mechanics is a physical theory which accurately describes microscopic systems.

I will describe the model of quantum computing, and its relevance to computer science.

We will focus on the connection between the satisfiability problem and determining the ground energy of quantum systems, and discuss the wide implications of this connection.

Then we will examine some of the peculiarities of quantum mechanics, and how they are useful for designing quantum cryptographic schemes.

Short bio:

Or is interested in quantum computing: Hamiltonian complexity, cryptography and algorithms.

He is currently a post-doc at the Hebrew university and MIT, and previously was a post-doc at UC Berkeley. He completed his PhD. at the Hebrew University under the supervision of Prof. Dorit Aharonov.

He received a Clore scholarship for his PhD. studies, and the Simons research fellowship during his previous post-doc.

With kind regards,

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