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Lecture series

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Lecture series on: "Disorder induced critical scaling and what magnets can tell us about earthquakes"

Prof. Karin Dahmen, from the University of Urbana Champaign, will be giving a Lecture Series on "Disorder induced critical scaling and what magnets can tell us about earthquakes", see attached announcement, and titles and abstracts for each of the lectures below.

Lecture 1 (Sunday Nov. 18, 14:00-16:00): Hystersis, Disordered Magnets, Mean Field Theory, and the renormalization group: We show how a simple mean field theory for magnetic materials with disorder is derived and how the universal scaling behavior of mean field magnetization curves and the associated Barkhausen noise can be computed. We sketch how the universal scaling behavior can be derived using the renormalization group.

Lecture 2 (Tuesday Nov 20, 12:00-14:00): Simulations of driven nonequilibrium Spin systems and data analysis of systems with avalanches: We show how magnetic hystereis can be simulated, and how the universal (i.e. detail independent) scaling behavior is extracted from the simulations and Barkhausen noise experiments. We show a comparison of the exponents to the analytic results of lecture 1

Lecture 3 (Wednesday Nov 21, 13:00-15:00): Mean Field theory of Plastic Deformation slip avalanches and applications to Simulations of Dislocation Dynamics and Earthquake statistics. We apply the tools learned in lectures 1-3 to plastic deformation, dislocations, and the modeling of earthquake statistics.

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