Seminar on Research Topics

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Seminar on Research Topics

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עד כה רק שני חברי סגל הביעו נכונותם להשתתף!
Dear Colleagues,

The Seminar on Research Topics is a compulsory seminar for our 2nd
and 3rd year Physics students. The seminar, given on a weekly basis
(Tuesdays, 11:00-12:00, Physics seminar room), gives our students

a chance to be exposed to the ongoing research in the department
(more general topics are welcome as well), and thus serves indirectly
as a tool to recruit future M.Sc and Ph.D. students. Needless to say,
speakers are badly needed.


In case you cannot present a talk, for some good reason I presume,

would you please assign your best Ph.D. student to replace you.

A personal note:
Some of us keep volunteering on an annual basis (much appreciated),
wheres others just ignore this seminar. Even for the sake of an evenly
dividing the load, I especially encourage those of you who have not
presented a talk last year to do it this year.

Thanks in advance, Aharon

Prof. Aharon Davidson

Einstein Chair in Theoretical Physics

Physics Department

Ben Gurion University

Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel

Office :+972-(0)8-6461649

Home :+972-(0)8-6518104

Fax : +972-(0)8-6472904


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