The 4th OASIS meeting

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The 4th OASIS meeting

שליחה על ידי physics » 12:36 07/02/2013

Dear Colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the 4th OASIS meeting, which will be held on 19-20 February 2013 in the David International Hotel in Tel Aviv. Details are given in the website

OASIS4 is one of the bi-annual meetings of ILEOS – the Israel Lasers and Electro Optics Society. The purpose of these meetings is to present the latest advances in the field of electro-optics worldwide, as well as to be a showpiece for Israeli research and development.

With over ten thousand professionals involved in universities, colleges and research institutes, and over 250 companies, optics and electro-optics have rapidly grown during the last few years. It is estimated that the annual Israeli exports in these fields exceed four billion dollars.

The OASIS4 program consists of sessions on defense, electro-optical devices, electro-optics in industry, laser applications, medicine and biology, optical modulators, non-linear optics, optical engineering, quantum optics, remote sensing and solar energy.

Keynote lectures will be given by four distinguished speakers: Prof. Sir John Pendry of Imperial College London, UK; Prof. Yaron Silberberg of the Weizmann Institute in Rohovot; Prof. Federico Capasso of Harvard University, USA and Prof. Tony Heinz of Columbia University, USA

The audience will include pure scientists, applied researchers and engineers working in academia and in industry. We encourage students from all institutions of higher learning to participate in this important meeting.

I invite you to participate in the OASIS4 meeting and to pass this information to your friends.

Prof. Abraham Katzir,
Chairman, OASIS and ILEOS

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