Meet Dr. Tal Schwartz

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Meet Dr. Tal Schwartz

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The physical chemistry will host Dr. Tal Schwartz from TAU (see title and abstract below). Dr. Schwartz was a student of Motti Segev from the Technion and is an expert in experimental quantum optics. If anyone wishes to meet him for discussion please contact


Playing tricks with (no) light: How to control chemistry with quantum optics

ABSTRACT: Photonic nanostructures can confine light into tiny volumes and enhance its interaction with matter. When reaching the strong interaction or strong coupling regime, light and matter start to behave as a single entity and their interactions change dramatically. Here I will discuss a new concept in light-matter interaction - that such hybrid photonic/molecular systems can be used to tailor the properties of organic dye molecules and to control their chemistry.


Yonatan Dubi

Department of Chemistry and

The Ilse-Kats institute for nano-scale science and technology

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Beer-Sheva 84105 Israel



Phone: +972-8-6461643

Fax: +972-8-6472943

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