QStart - registration ends Tuesday night

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QStart - registration ends Tuesday night

שליחה על ידי rohrlich » 23:01 17/06/2013

Dear Friends, sorry for cross listing.

In case you would like to attend the QStart conference celebrating the opening of the quantum information center at the Hebrew university, to take place 24th-27th of July, and have forgotten to register so far, please do so promptly!!! The registration will close tomorrow night. There is still some space left.

Fortunately there are many great speakers who will come, and we are planning several fun activities, including a of course a reception, but also a rump session in the science museum, a tour, a quantum run and more... We do hope you will be able to come join us in this event!

For students and postdocs the registration fee is 200 shekels and for faculty it is 200$. It includes 4 meals, and all the above social events. If you need financial support with this registration fee please let me know ASAP to this email - and most likely we will be able to help.

INDEPEDENTLY please register by tomorrow evening - registration can be done independently from the payment here and should be done by tomorrow midnight!

For more info including the program and description of social events, locations etc
see http://www.as.huji.ac.il/q-start.

We very much look forward to seeing you next week at the Hebrew university!

All the best, dorit (in the name of the organizing committee - Dorit Aharonov, Hagai Eizenberg,
Gil Kalai and Nadav Katz)

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