Topologically controlled multifunctional metasurfaces

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Topologically controlled multifunctional metasurfaces

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Topologically controlled multifunctional metasurfaces

Erez Hasman

Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 3200003, Israel.

The photonic spin-orbit interaction manifested by two-dimensional nanophotonics based on Berry phase serves as a platform to generate different topological states. We report on photonic spin-symmetry breaking and unexpected spin-optical transport phenomena arising from subwavelength scale disordered geometric phase structure. Weak disorder induces a photonic spin Hall effect, observed via quantum weak measurements, whereas strong disorder leads to spin-split modes in momentum space, a random optical-Rashba effect. Study of the momentum space entropy reveals an optical transition upon reaching a critical point where the structure’s anisotropy axis vanishes. Moreover, we observed a topological phase transition from binding vortex pairs to unbinding vortices which results in a spin-optical transition from photonic spin Hall effect to random Rashba effect, emerging from a metasurface. This is achieved by implementing geometric phase point-defects in a metasurface inducing the transition from quasi long-range order to short-range order. These experiments are paving the way for the exploration of peculiar phenomena in quantum topological phase transition via metasurfaces involving spin-orbit interaction.

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