hands-on course for clean room techniques

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hands-on course for clean room techniques

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שלום לכולם,
רצופה בזה הצעה לקורס כנ"ל מפרופ' רון פולמן.
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Dear friends,
We are thinking of opening up a hands-on course for clean room techniques, in the BGU nano fabrication facility (http://www.bgu.ac.il/nanofabrication).

The motivation is three fold:

First, Moti Herskowitz, suggested that we enable more students to enjoy the facility as part of their academic training or their research projects.
Second, Intel has indicated that it will welcome such a course which would enable BGU graduates to start their career in Intel with more relevant experience.
Third, we are receiving more and more requests from researchers who use the facility, to let their students work in the clean room. This will not only enable them to produce chips faster and cheaper, but would also allow MSc and PhD students who require chips for their projects, to exercise more control over their research project. Indeed, several students have already started. Such a course would give students the necessary base for such activity.

Intel has indicated that they are willing to help with the syllabus and perhaps even by providing lecturers and funding. However, before we start talking to Intel about it in detail, we wanted to consult within BGU.

Please let us know if you have any comments or input of any sort, which may help us turn this idea into a success.

All the best, Ron Folman
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Very good idea indeed.
I'll send my students and, perhaps, participate myself when the class opens.

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