2010-04-15 Physics Colloquium - תזכורת

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2010-04-15 Physics Colloquium - תזכורת

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ב- 10 דקות הראשונות של הקולוקוויום יחולקו תעודות הערכה על הצטיינות בלימודים לארבעה סטודנטים מתואר ראשון.

> Physics Colloquium
> DATE: 15-04-2010
> TIME: 3:30pm (Thu)
> PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207
> Atomic Disorder in Calcite Crystals: Biological and Archaeological
> Perspectives
> Prof. Steve Weiner, Department of Structural Biology
> Weizmann Institute of Science
> The disorder in a crystal reflects the manner in which it formed and the
> microenvironment in which it grew. Calcite can form from saturated dilute
> solutions, such as often occurs in geological environments, from an
> amorphous precursor phase in biological processes, and in various ways at
> high temperature during the formation of wood ash and plaster. The
> disorder
> signature of all these calcites can be differentiated using infrared
> spectroscopy. This readily accessible information can be used to identify
> the calcite source and obtain insights into the formation process.

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