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Departmental Seminar

שליחה על ידי physics » 13:38 21/10/2010

Departmental Seminar

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Department of Chemistry

Monday, October 25, 2010

Time: 15:00

Bldg. 51 Room 015

Prof. Fernando Patolsky

Tel Aviv University

School of Chemistry

Nanomaterials: From Synthesis to Applications""


The lecture will cover the main research directions and achievements of my group in the following areas:

1. The high-fidelity large-scale assembly of nanowire and nanotube elements, with controlled and uniform orientation and density at spatially well-defined locations on substrates. Our group has developed the universal ‘knocking-down’ approach, based on the controlled in-place planarization of nanowire elements, for the formation of large-scale ordered nanowire arrays

2. I’ll show the development of controllable and reproducible synthetic routes to prepare robust single-crystalline Si nanotubes of nearly any size/inner diameter, ranging from only 1.5 nm!!!! to more than 500 nm, controllable wall thickness, variable shapes (various nanotubular to conical structures of controlled tapering angles) and finely tuned chemical composition. In addition, my group demonstrated the synthesis of a novel generation of silicon-based hybrid nanotubular materials; ”tube-in-tube” and ”wire-in-tube” nanostructures. We demonstrate the ability to prepare multi-walled nanotubular structures, for which the dimensions, including the interwall distance and chemical composition of each wall can be individually controlled.

3. Our lab has demonstrated the use of silicon-nanowire electrical noses arrays as an effective platform exhibiting unprecedented outstanding detection capability for TNT and other explosive species. We make use of electron-rich amino-silane monolayer-functionalized SiNW devices for the label-free, multiplexed real-time and rapid supersensitive electrical detection of TNT, down to the ~100 attomolar detection limit (~1x10-6 ppt). This results in an unprecedented detection sensitivity limit of TNT in water solutions, as well as TNT vapors sampled directly from air.

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