Be a part of world-class research this summer

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Be a part of world-class research this summer

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** Be a part of world-class research this summer


** Learn about quantum information processing and gain research experience


The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) has learning opportunities available for undergraduate students interested in quantum information processing.

Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing (USEQIP) - May 28-June 8, 2018 Start the summer with a two-week introduction ( ... ams/useqip) to the theoretical and experimental study of quantum information processing which includes 30 hours of hands-on time in the labs. You will get the opportunity to interact with students from around world, work with graduate students, postdocs and IQC faculty members. This program is fully funded – including your accommodations and food. You can also apply for travel bursaries.

Watch this quick video ( ) to get a feel for the full experience.

Undergraduate Research Award - all summer Join us at IQC for the summer through an Undergraduate Research Award ( ... ograms/ura) and work with one of our researchers – an experimentalist or a theorist. Not only will you enhance your research experience and prepare for your graduate studies and research career, but you get the chance to attend IQC seminars, lectures, and student talks. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an interdisciplinary research community.

Apply before January 8!

You can choose to apply to attend only USEQIP, to apply only for an Undergraduate Research Award, or apply for both.

* If you want to apply to both ( ... eqip-2018/) , click the USEQIP button. Complete the application and check the appropriate box for the Undergraduate Research Award.*

* If you only want to apply for USEQIP ( ... eqip-2018/) , click the USEQIP button. Complete the application but do NOT check the box for the Undergraduate Research Award.

* If you only want to apply for the Undergraduate Research Award ( ... nship-201/) , click the URA button and complete the application. ... nship-201/

*In the event that you are not invited to USEQIP, you will still be considered for an Undergraduate Research Award as we have more URA opportunities than spots in USEQIP.

If you are considering graduate studies, IQC offers a Graduate Studies ( ... te-studies) program in collaboration with the University of Waterloo. We offer graduate students unique opportunities to learn about and contribute to world-leading research in quantum information through a wide range of advanced research projects and advanced courses on the foundations, applications and implementation of quantum information processing.


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