student prizes !!!

פניות של סטודנטים הלומדים לתואר שני ושלישי אל ועדת הוראה

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student prizes !!!

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To MSc and PhD students:

 If you think you are worth a prize and wish to participate in the competition you should do the following:

go to and download the source of the page (the file candidates.html)

rename it to yourname.html

insert your personal data in one of the tables (English preferred) using Nvu or whatever you like

submit to SUBMISSIONS/Student_database

prepare a detailed CV (should be ready for submission on demand)

this has to be done not later than 1.08.07

You will have to maintain and update your CV and .html file on a regular basis.

Remember: if you do not participate, your chances to win are zero.

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To a prospective candidate:

A new round of prizes is announced. A preliminary search for candidates is based on the information existing on the web. Please have a look at ... plate.html to see what you MUST do to be considered a candidate at all. Please make an html file and a pdf CV as required and send by email to me ( You MUST also maintain a homepage with all required information (see attached file) present. Send me a link to your homepage in the same message. ... ements.pdf

* Michael Gedalin
* Department of Physics
* Ben-Gurion University
* POBox 653
* 84105 Beer-Sheva, Israel
* tel: 972-8-6461645
* fax: 972-8-6472904
* email:


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