Morse Masalov index

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Morse Masalov index

שליחה על ידי alufo » 07:07 10/12/2008

hi doron
my Qs related to Morse Masalov index in Propogator definition U(X, X0) in case
of regular x0 to x1 movement that index is zero and the exp equal to one

other cased the exponent can get -1, i, -i values

soft wall it equal to -i, Marsalov index = 1

what are the other cases which Morse Marsalov index (exp) get -1 and i

thanks ofer a

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שליחה על ידי dcohen » 12:20 10/12/2008

Whatever is written in the lecture notes
are the cases of relevance,
and it seems that for them you know the rules.

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