Projects 2019

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Projects 2019

שליחה על ידי dekels » 18:01 05/03/2019

The project is a question in statistical mechanics that you need to find/invent,
then solve and submit. It consists of 40% of the final grade.
For submission instructions see here: ... s_dco_bgu/

Project guidelines:

1) Projects are to be done in groups: either two or three people in each group.
2) The questions should be formulated as the questions in the "exercise pool":
For example each question should be divided into items that "leads" to the solution.
3) The final date for finding/inventing an exercise is 13/6/19
Up to this date each group should send me a draft of the exercise.
4) The final date for submission of the project is 28/6/19

* Grading is based on the correctness and elegance of the solution,
as well as the presentation, latex-style and question difficulty.

You are welcome to discuss your proposed exercise with me,
as well as send me the solution (before submitting) for review once done.

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Re: Projects 2019

שליחה על ידי AlisG » 16:55 09/03/2019

גיא אליס

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Re: Projects 2019

שליחה על ידי bivasyo » 10:19 19/05/2019

I will take problem no. 3342 ( Black body radiation in the universe) from the pool


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