problem with quiz 10

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הצטרף: 18:30 16/11/2008

problem with quiz 10

שליחה על ידי netali-alima » 23:05 23/02/2009

i have a problem with quiz 10
i've answerd some of the questions and submitted the answers
i havn't finished answering all of them and for some reason the system will not let me answer anymore questions .
the message i receive is " sorry but you cannot answer this quiz"
the deadline has not passed yet
moreover my friend who started the quiz also has received the same message.

how can this be solved?
netali alima

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הצטרף: 16:20 06/12/2008

שליחה על ידי zahavl » 23:18 23/02/2009

מצטרפת.. גם אני מקבלת אותה הודעה


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