BSF Assistant Director's Visit at BGU - June 27

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BSF Assistant Director's Visit at BGU - June 27

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BSF - United States-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation

Getting Ready for the Submission Season in November 2010

Info Day with
Dr. Hani Haring, BSF Assistant Director
27 June 2010

Dekel Conference Room, Zlotowski Student Administration Building

The BSF, one of the prestige agencies, supports cooperative, basic, and applied scientific & technological research (for peaceful purposes) of mutual interest to the US and Israel. This year applications are invited in the following broad areas:

Atmospheric & earth sciences
Environmental research (air, water, soil)

Materials research

Computer sciences
Mathematical sciences

Ecology and systematic biology
Oceanography & limnology


Energy research

Please ensure a place

As space is limited, please send an e-mail to to confirm participation

Requests for individual meetings with Dr. Haring should be addressed to Eti Hecht

(details below) by 22 June 2010.

Budget (according to the last year)

Budgets for BSF Research Grants can be up to $230,000 for projects of up to 4 years (in many cases the American partner does not request any funds.)

Budgets for BSF "Start-Up" grants can be up to $150,000 per project ($75,000 for each side – when both applicants meet the requirements as Young scientists - of which the BSF will provide up to $60,000 for 18 months, with the home institutions required to provide the balance). Project of up to 2 years.

Additional Information

Detailed guidelines and application forms will be available from the BSF Website ( in August 2010.

The site will be open for electronic submission in early September 2010.

Contacts at the Research & Development Authority, Research Liaison Section

Eti Hecht-Vazana
Tel: 64 72437

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