What is information - workshop

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What is information - workshop

שליחה על ידי dcohen » 17:22 26/11/2012

Dear all
We are organizing a workshop on "What is information", January 7-1, 2013, in Sde Boker.
The workshop brings together physicists,
biologists and CS persons to explore this notion.
there will be a good number of talks of interest to the physics community and we urge you to register to
participate. We will provide meals and accomodations as needed and subject to availability.

Check out the web site


and the call for participation below

Thanks Eitan Bachmat
Call for participation:

What is information, Sde-Boker; January 27 -- February 1, 2013.

We would like to invite you to participate in the "What is Information" workshop, to be
held in Sde Boker, Israel, January 7-11, 2013.

This interdisciplinary workshop is meant to explore all facets of the notion of information as it
appears in classical and quantum information theory, thermodynamics, cosmology and high energy
physics, machine learning, computer science, biology, cognitive science, networks and complexity
theory among others.

The workshop is fashioned to resemble the first "What is Information" workshop which was
held a decade ago at the same venue with great success. The venue, Sde Boker is located in a
magnificent desert setting. The workshop will include 4 days of talks and a 1-day jeep tour of the
nearby Ramon crater. In addition we will have a conference dinner and a visit to the local spa. The
program will provide ample time for informal discussions.

We will provide room and board, free of charge for participants, based on availability. Please
register, by sending email to: ebachmat at cs.bgu.ac.il

Please specify title, affilation and area of interest. If you are not planning to stay for the
entire conference, please inform us about the dates in which you need room and board. The number of
rooms avaliable is limited and therefore we may not be able to accept all requests. Notification
will be provided, 2-3 weeks before the workshop.

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