What is information workshop, January 7-11

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What is information workshop, January 7-11

שליחה על ידי dcohen » 10:48 27/12/2012

What is information workshop, January 7-11, at Sde Boker.

Message from Eitan Bachmat BGU@CS

It is still possible to register. Accomodations, meals, excursion, conference dinner, Neve midbar Spa are all free, but the participants must notify of which dates they will need accomodations and what activities they plan to participate in.
In addition, on tuesday and thursday there will be time for short presentations, say 10-15 minutes, by participants who want to share there work.
There will be transportation to sde boker in the morning from B7 and a return shuttle in the evening.

9:45 Welcome
10-11Barbara Terhal, (Physics, Aachen), "Bounds on reliable classical and quantum Information
storage in a
volume of space."
11:30 -12:30 Aharon Davidson, (Physics, BGU), TBA
12:30-2 Lunch
2-3 Amos Lapidoth. TBA
3:30-4:30 Michael Ben-Or, (CS, HUJI), "The quantum refrigerator"
5-6 Scott Aaronson (video), "How much information is in a quantum state."

Welcome dinner.

10-11 Yoram Louzoun, (Math and Brain studies, Bar-Ilan), "Evolving information content of the
Immunoglobulin repertoire -
Real time evolution and adaptation."
11:30-12:30 Naftali Tishby, (CS and Neuroscience, HUJI), "Information and control in
and action - the fundamental
12:30-2 Lunch
2-3 Dorit Aharonov, (CS, HUJI), TBA
3:30-4:30 Paul Cuff (EE, Princeton), "How Structure Affects Information Transfer"
5-6 Neri Merhav, (EE, Technion), "A statistical-mechanical view of code ensembles and random
ing exponents."

Evening: short presentations by volunteer participants.

Excursion to Ramon crater
Distinguished evening lecture (2 hours after return from excursion, around 7 PM):
Charles Bennett, (Quantum Information, IBM), "Logical depth and the emergence and decay of
classical information."

10-11 Liberty, (Yahoo, Research), TBA,
11:30-12:30 David Gamarnik, (Sloane School, M.I.T.), "Hardness results for local algorithms
sparse random graphs."
12:30-2 Lunch
2-3 Bob Constable, (CS, Cornell), "The Logic of Information Flow and the Foundations of

Late afternoon, Short presentations by volunteer participants.

Evening, Neve Midbar Spa night.

10-11 Shlomo Shamai, (EE, Technion), TBA.
11:30-12:30 Conclusion (Bachmat)

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